Betting Tools

Anybody who dives deeper into the world of sports betting will get to a point where he wants to perform some special calculations.
No matter if you want to know how much a system will still pay back, when a pick went wrong or if you want to test if an AHC(0) or evenly distributed stakes on two outcomes provide better results.

For these and other common problems, betbuzz provides some useful tools to help you save time and money.

System Bet Calculator

System bets are a popular way of betting where all possible combinations are made up of a pool of tips.

They combine the advantages of accumulator bets through higher odds, but do not lead to a total loss in case of a wrong bet. However, it can be difficult to determine the profit for different constellations that may occur.

For this problem, provides a system calculator, with the help of which potential winnings can be easily determined by specifying the type of system, the bet, the odds and the status of the individual bet. Thanks to the "Won/Void" and "Lost/Void" options, this tool is also excellent for calculating systems with Asian Handicaps.

Asian Handicap Calculator

Asian Handicaps (also abbreviated as AH or AHC) are a popular way to bet on the outcome of a (football) match. At first sight, it may intimidate many - especially new - bettors, since it consists of quarter, half or sometimes multiple handicap variants compared to the more traditional (european) handicap style. But once you understood the benefits and mechanics behind them, you're going to wonder how you ever could bet without them.

This calculator can help you understand how they work or simply show you the expected return of your bet.

Surebet Calculator

With a surebet (also known as arbitrage bet) the bettor effectively bets on all outcomes of a match and is guaranteed to win, no matter the result. This works by exploiting the price differences on the outcomes of various bookmakers.

With this tool you can easily check if you encountered a surebet and calculate the stakes for the bets.

Odds Converter

This betting tool allows you to convert odds between the most widely used odds formats.

Simply enter any fractional (British), decimal (European) or moneyline (American) odds and click "Calculate". The tool will then calculate and display the same odds in the other formats and also show the implied probability.

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