7 Rules For Successful Betting

Ever since there is sports and betting, people dream about getting rich by relying on their interest in sports. Looking at the amount of bookmakers, one may come to the conclusion that this is in fact not as easy as it seems. The rules presented here should give you a rough guideline to prevent the most common mistakes in sports betting. After all, your goal is to maximize your winnings or at least to reduce your losses.


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Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet (short acca, or also combination bet) consists of multiple picks combined in a single bet. The total odds of the accumulator is calculated by multiplying the odds of the individual picks. To calculate the total return, multiply your stake with the total odds.


You have selected three picks:

  • Espanyol Barcelona - FC Barcelona, Pick: Away, Odds: 1.33
  • Hamburg SV - Hannover 96, Pick: Draw, Odds: 3.25
  • FC Liverpool - Tottenham Hotspurs, Pick: Away, Odds: 3.70

When combining these picks in an accumulator, you end up placing a single bet consisting of these picks.

To get the total odd of the accumulator, simply multiply all individual odds.

Total Odds = 1.33 * 3.25 * 3.7 = 15.99

With a stake of €10 you could potentially win €159.90 (= 15.99 * €10). It becomes apparent, that by multiplying all prices you quickly get higher odds with promising returns. But remember that even though it looks very tempting, you need to correctly predict all picks in an accumulator. One wrong pick and the entire bet is lost.

Especially beginners and new bettors are often allured by the potential high payouts and routinely bet accumulators consisting of four or more picks. It is crucial to keep in mind that the higher the odds, the lower the probability that the bet wins.

American Odds

This is a special odds format which is also referred to as 'Moneyline Odds', is - like the name suggests - mostly used in the US.

To calculate the possible winnings using american odds, you need to pay attention to the algebraic sign. If the number is positive, it represents the payout you would receive on a €100 bet.

Odds of +160

If you stake €100 and win, your payout would be €160 (with a profit of €60).

Is the number negative, it indicates the amount you would need to stake in order to make a profit of €100

Odds of -160

In order to make a profit of €100 you would need to stake €160.

Convert to decimal odds

The following formula converts positive american odds to decimal odds:

decimal odds = +US odds/100 + 1

And the formula for negative odds, respectively:

decimal odds = 100/US odds + 1

To easily convert between the various odds formats and probability you can use our dedicated odds calculator.

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